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Russian gifts with soul

Russian gifts with soul
Kuva: Sergey Nikolaev
26 Huhtikuu 2016

What can a foreigner bring home from Saint-Petersburg? It may be a common-or-garden matryoshka doll or a dud Russian winter fur hat. However, you are better off without any of them and instead should buy made-in-Russia presents with history and soul for your friends and beloved ones.

Some of these presents are imperceptibly hidden on the shelves of ordinary shops; others are tasrly, put on expensive stores’ showcases. We tried to find precious items on every budget and suitable for every taste and age. And to wrap it up: we would like to remind a platitude that the most staggering presents from Russia are heart-warming memories from meeting the Russians producing all the treasures.

Food & Drinks

Sweet and candies

1. Ubileinoe cookies

Ubileinoe cookies have been a well-known Russian brand since 1913. The first time they were produced was for the 300 anniversary of the Romanov dynasty of Russian tsars. The flavor of the favorite cookies of all Russian kids and their parents stay the same to this day.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 22 – 34 rubles*

*1 EURO ≈ 75 RUBLES (according to the current currency rate)

2. Alyonka chocolate bar

Alyonka is a chocolate bar with cream flavor and was the most popular candy brand of the Soviet times. A little girl, who appeared on the wrap, has a real antitype. She was the 8 year old daughter of a Soviet photojournalist who unwittingly became a national symbol.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 60 -89  rubles

The majority of shops in St. Petersburg are open 7 days a week. They are open as a rule from 10.00 to 20.00 o’clock. In every part of the city there will be a 24-hour shop, selling food, household items, chemicals; there are quite a lot of 24 hour pharmacies and even the always-working bookstores, where you can buy souvenirs! Most  shops accept payment by credit/debit card. You will need to use cash only in some small shops.

3. Belev Pastila, or Russian fruit confectionery

Belev Pastila is known as a natural Kremlin delicacy, produced in the ancient Russian city of Belev. The original recipe seems to be derived from a Russian fairy tale. First, ripe Antonovka apples are cooked in the oven to make an apple squash, and then sugar and egg whites are added.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 140-200 rubles (100 g)

4. Tsarist golden truffles candies

Tsarist golden truffles candies are decorated with 23 carat edible gold leaf. All candies are hand-made. This was a staggering Russian gift for tsars.

Price: 1.700 -  1.800 rubles
Address: Store of Krupskaya Confectionery Factory, Vosstaniya prospect, 15.

5. Gingerbread

Gingerbread with a chocolate flavor is an ancient Russian sweet. This low-cal, long-stored gingerbread has a delicate flavour.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 65 – 76 rubles

Kuvareportaasi / katso kuvat

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Sauces and original pickles

6. Horseradish sauce and mustard

Russian analogues differ from the foreign ones with their natural and specially strength flavor. Russians believe that the real horseradish sauce and mustard can be bought only Russia.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 19-29 rubles
Opening hours: 8.00-23.00

7. Adjika sauce

Caucasian spices are an inevitable part of Russian cuisine. Spicy adjika sauce is an all-purpose seasoning for every dish and cannot be bought anywhere but Russia. A huge variety of home-style cooking can be found on the Sitniy market.
Address: Sitninskaya st., 3/5

Address: grocery stores
Price: 64 - 66 rubles

8. Real made-in-barrels pickled cucumbers & products

Real made-in-barrels pickled cucumbers Malen can be produced only in a heart of Golden Ring of Russian cities – Vladimir region, known for their cucumber recipes. Lukashkinskie pickled products are known as a legacy of ancient Russian cuisine. Russians can pickle almost everything: wild garlic, fried kidney, garlic and beetroot.

Address: grocery stores
Price: 110 – 200 rubles

9. Chechil

Chechil is a brine string cheese that originated in Armenia. It has a consistency approximating that of mozzarella or sulguni and is produced in the form of dense strings, rolled up in a figure eight of thick braid-shaped ropes.

Chechil is one of the cheeses produced in the Armenian Highlands and is also called husats or tel. It is a kneaded or pulled cheese, and the art of the cheese-maker is in stretching it thin so that it yields a "chicken-breast texture". The cheese is often sold braided in thick ropes. Curd is given a hot whey bath, than kneaded and stretched to the desirable, pliable consistency. In the Western world, chechil panir is often called Armenian or Syrian cheese.

Address: grocery stores

10. Spirits and wine

Soviet extra-sec champagne is a nostalgic of Soviet times. Firstly it was produced in 1936 after Politbureau’s session with Stalin. It has a fine sunflower aroma.

Kizlyar cognac is produced from white and red grape varieties, grown in the North of Dagestan. It matures in vats for 6 years.

Russian cognac ”5 stars”, 5 years is the oldest Dagestan cognac. It is produced from yema and Rkatsiteli grapes, which gives its light, fresh and flowery aroma.

Bulbash Zubrovaya Vodka is produced with vanilla grass, which our neighbours Belarusians have added to vodka since the 16th century.

Joseph Stalin's favorite wines (Khvanchkara and kindzmarauli) are made of the best Georgian grapes and aged in claret-jugs.

Vasileostrovskoe home-brew beer is a tasty, “live”, non-filtered lager from Saint Petersburg. This beer was a stepping stone of the “Vasileostrovskaya brewery”.

Address: grocery stores

You can purchase alcohol, including beer, at supermarkets and shops strictly from 11:00 until 22:00. At supermarkets buying booze after 22:00 is technologically impossible as a cash-desk machine will not process the purchase. 

Cigarettes are now available in the shops upon request. You should ask the cashier if there is any special cash desk to buy the cigarettes in the shop). This product is no longer sold in the street booths

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Jewelry and icons

11. Jewelry and icons of jeweller's workshop of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Jewelry and icons are produced at the jeweller's workshop of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery since 1998. All the different techniques of jewelry and iconography have been practiced here for ages. Some items can be bought by tourists.

Address: the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Monastyrka river embankment, 1,
Opening hours: 6.00 – 20.00

Designers and manufacturers of shoes

12. Pavlovoposadsky scarves

Natural Pavlovoposadsky scarves and tablecloths, producing by masters of the old Russian city of Pavlovsky Posad, are warm and beautiful gifts from Russia.

Price: 1000 – 5000  rubles
Address: Nevsky, 11/2 А

More information about import goods to EU you can find here

13. Gumboots of Krasniy treugolnik factory

Gumboots of Krasniy treugolnik factory have been known since the 19th century not only in Russia, but overseas as well. Nowadays the volume of production diminished, but this is a still well-known brand.

Address: Krasniy treugolnik store, Obvodniy Canal embankment, 138
Opening hours:  Mon-Fr 9:00–17:00, Sa-Su 11:00-17:00
Price: 500 rubles

14. Dinamo sneakers

Dinamo sneakers have been produced for more than 20 year and gained a reputation of  “built to last a lifetime” shoes. They have proven that natural leather from Russia and Italian shoe soles can be a perfect match.

Address: Shop №2, Marata, 14
Opening hours: 11.30-20.00
Price: 500-3500 rubles

Kuvareportaasi / katso kuvat

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  • Kuvareportaasi: «Russian designers and manufacturers of shoes»
  • Kuvareportaasi: «Russian designers and manufacturers of shoes»
  • Kuvareportaasi: «Russian designers and manufacturers of shoes»


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