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Etusivu / Artikkelit ja uutiset / MM-kisat 2016, Pietarimme

Amazing bird's-eye view of St.Petersburg

Amazing bird's-eye view of St.Petersburg
Kuva: Vaganov Anton, DP
6 Toukokuu 2016

11 places to gain a panoramic view of the city.

It is no accident that the roofs of St. Petersburg are known as one of its main attractions. Petersburg is a flat city, so even from a small height, you will be able to see breathtaking views and what is going on in the city.

Walking on roofs can be romantic, but keep in mind, this is a dangerous activity. You may end up in an unpleasant conversation with the police or residents of the upper floors. Not to mention, you could fall. In order to enjoy these picturesque views legally and without other problems, you should visit one of the places we recommend.

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