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Restaurant guide for 2016 World Hockey Championship

Restaurant guide for 2016 World Hockey Championship
Kuva: Sergej Nikolajev
11 Toukokuu 2016

Where can you celebrate the victory of your favorite team, relish genuine Russian cuisine and taste locally produced food in Saint Petersburg? "Fontanka" proudly presents our restaurant guide for visitors of the 2016 World Hockey Championship.

Saint Petersburg is by no accident known as a capital of restaurants. Right here, on the intersection of the West and the East, a unique cuisine has been invented. It internalized and implemented food excesses of inhabitants and guests of the city. There is a myriad of restaurants for every taste and budget. The best ones were cherry-picked by experts, restaurateurs and of course our editorial staff.

Watch a match and celebrate a victory of favorite team

1. Brugge restaurant, m. Sportivnaya, Makarova emb., 22., Average bill: 1000 rubles.

Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva, an observer of Restoclub Review: “Open from noon till 2 am, this restaurant has a spectacular view of Tuchkov bridge, and is a spot-on venue for sport fans. Here one can find a sport events schedule, big screens, good Belgian cuisine, a huge variety of beers and beverages and a Belgian-themed interior”

2. Pub-restaurant "Dva hvosta", m. Nevsky prospect or Admiralteyskaya, Bolshaya Konyushennaya str., 19/8. Real Czech cuisine with a lot of meat dishes, a thick soup in bread and famous Czech beer. Average bill: 700 rubles

Choice of editorial staff: This place can be named as one of the most authentic restaurants in Saint Petersburg. Emotions from watching sport games can be chilled down with cold beer and meat dishes. A choice for the real men!

3. Restobar Duck. m. Chernyshevskaya, Ploshchad' Vosstaniya, Mayakovskaya.; Nekrasov st, 8 Oriental, Russian and European cuisine. Huge variety of beers. Average bill: 750 rubles

Choice of editorial staff: This place is famous not only for gastronomic delights and friendly atmosphere for sport fans, but also for a huge variety of rare and top-notch beers from the best breweries in Europe and America.

Feel like a real Petersburger

1. Korushka restaurant, m. Gorkovskaya, Peter and Paul Fortress, Average bill: 2000 rubles

Dmitry Grozniy, a restaurant critic: Korushka (Russian for smelt) restaurant is a spot-on venue if one would like to skip tenuous general sightseeing tours, because all the main landmarks can be seen from the windows of the restaurant: Neva river, Winter Palace, Summer Garden and so forth. Smelt, a pivotal Petersburg specialty, is undoubtedly among the piece de resistance. Hurry up since smelt season is at full swing!

2. Kokoko, m. Admiralteiskaya, Voznesensky 6, Average bill: 2500 rubles

Svetlana Kulikova, executive director of the St. Petersburg Association of Restaurateurs and hoteliers: "KoKoKo" is a very famous restaurant owned by Sergei Shnurov, the frontman of “Leningrad” music band. Its distinctive features: local products, curious dishes, and it is essentially delicious. "

Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva, an observer of Restoclub Review: Modern Saint-Petersburg-based cuisine from Igor Grishechkin, one of the best Russian chefs. It can be described as a Soviet cuisine with modern twist.

! Note: tables should be booked in advance

3. Volga-Volga restaurant, m. Sportivnaya, Petrovskaya embankment 1., Average bill: 2500 rubles

Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva, an observer of Restoclub Review: This cafe is located on a boat, cruising daily across the Neva river. During dinner, for instance, one can observe famous St. Petersburg bridges and granite embankments. The menu combines culinary traditions of Italian, European, Thai, Japanese and Russian cuisines with a particular touch on seafood and fish specialties.

4. Pishechnaya, m. Nevsky prospect, Bolshaya konushennaya str., 25. Average bill: 100 rubles

Choice of editorial staff: Visiting Pishechnaya is sort of a ritual for many locals. This venue on Bolshaya Konushennaya street can easily bring one to Soviet times by eating pishka (local version of doughnuts) in a Soviet-themed atmosphere. It is not very pricey, so be ready for queues. Either way, queues are inevitable part of the Soviet lifestyle.

5. Food park, m. Gorkovsksya, Aleksandrovsky park, 4. Average bill: 1500 rubles

Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva, an observer of Restoclub Review: This cafe is located on the top floor of the "Velikan Park" cinema theater with a panoramic view of Alexandrovsky Park and the Petrogradskaya side of the city. Various cuisines: Italian, Oriental and so forth. One can also find a lot of street food here: burgers, pizza, a huge buffet where one can choose ingredients to make salad from.

Taste a genuine Russian cuisine

1. Rumochnaya #1, m. Admiralteiskaya, Konnogvardeisky 4, Average bill: 2000 rubles

Dmitry Grozny, a restaurant critic: One can get the full notion about Russian cuisine from famous Rumochnaya #1. Despite the fact this venue serves cutlets, kholodets, pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut, there is also a quite solid Museum of Russian vodka with tours and tastings.

2. Ivan da Maria gastropub, m. Gostiniy dvor, Nevsky 64, Average bill: 1000 rubles

Svetlana Kulikova, executive director of the St. Petersburg Association of Restaurateurs and hoteliers: Gastropub "Ivan da Marya" on Nevsky, 64 is Russian cuisine with reasonable prices, a solid menu and quality service. One can relish Russian crafting beer and cider from breweries of St. Petersburg and the city of Pskov alongside with popular British and Belgian brands.

Where to go with children

1. Pryanosti&Radosti, m. Sportivnaya, 6 liniya of The Vasilievsky Island, Average bill: 1300 rubles

Dmitry Grozny, a restaurant critic: Visiting big sport events with children may be a formidable task: kids (most likely boys) should do something during hot debates about hockey. However Pryanosti&Radosti restaurant on the Vasilevsky Island could be a great solution because of their children's room designed as a huge ship. And one of the most important things: this venue is located just 30 minutes walking from Ubileiny Arena, where the main matches are hosted.

For a company with different tastes

1. Grand-cafe "Provincia", m. Petrogradskaya, Bolshoi 106. multi cuisine: from Italy to Thailand. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Average bill: 1000 rubles

Choice of editorial staff: The credo of this place can be summed up with a phrase "culinary international". One can relish different gastronomic traditions: from French bouillabaisse to Russian solyanka, from Tuscan pork to Caucasian khashlama, from Kamchatka crabs with their delicate taste to Mexican short ribs. And don't forget to grab a glass of famous Belgian beer.

2. Khvanchkara cafe, m. Sportivnaya, Vasilievsky Island, Sredny Prospekt, 14. Authentic Georgian cuisine in a quite and cozy place. Average bill: 750 rubles.

Choice of editorial staff: Georgian cuisine is metaphorically speaking, a pearl of the Soviet culinary. Despite the fact that Georgia is a sovereign country by now, Russians’ love of its cuisine hasn't faded away. We recommend trying a chashushuli from beef and mchadi flapjacks. Vegetarians will be surprised with array of curious-tasting salads and  phali -small rissole with beets, spinach and spiced nuts.

3. Tefsi restaurant, m. Admiralteiskaya, Zamyatin 4, Georgian cuisine in the atmosphere of a noble mansion. They have their own wine cellar and cheese dairy. Open up to 2 am. Average bill: 1200 rubles.

Choice of editorial staff: Another restaurant serving Georgian cuisine in the respectable atmosphere of a Russian mansion. One hardly can find a gusty mirth here, but real bon ton and refined taste instead. Authentic Caucasian lavash-bread is baked in their own oven, and pickled cheese suluguni is also homemade.

4. Restaurant "Hochu kebab" m. Ploshchad vosstaniya, Suvorovsky pr., 17 m. Mayakovskaya. Marata, 12 Azerbaijan cuisine. Average bill: 700 rubles.

Choice of editorial staff: Shish kebab is old culinary fetish of post-Soviet countries. The Azerbaijani version of this dish is one of the most curious. The featured recipe is a secret, but one can witness the magic of gathering strengths after eating it.

5. Restaurant "Rim" (Rome), m. Sennaya/Sadovaya/Spasskaya, Griboedov canal embankment 69. An exemplary Italian cuisine, live music, karaoke.

Choice of editorial staff: How can we forget an Italian cuisine! This place can conjure up in your brain memories of fancy Florence or noble Venice. Luckily the atmosphere of Saint-Petersburg can help you to do so along the way as well. Drink Italian wine, relish a Parma ham or excellent pasta and sing something from charismatic Celentano's repertory.

For whose who just wanna have fun

1. Club Restaurant Barin Hall, m. Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor, Sadovaya. Nab. Griboyedov Canal, 36. European cuisine, great bar, lots of disco parties. Free entrance after 1.00 am. Average bill: 700 rubles.

Choice of editorial staff: A staggering place to have fun in the Central European style. Here one can have fun and drink, and burn calories on the dance floor afterwards. Eat and lose weight whilst dancing!

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